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There are several ways that you can be of service to Olive Branch Mission and give back to the community. Due to the amount of clients we serve each day, we are always in need of food, toiletries, clothing and other neccessities.  Conducting a fundraiser or drive for Olive Branch Mission is an easy and fun solution!

For a complete supply list specific to your drive, contact:

Anita Hoover

Donor Relations

773.476.6200 x40


Tomoyo Akemoto

Donor Relations

773.476.6200 x40





You can also schedule a speaker for your events. We are here to support you in reaching your goals!







All items collect must be new and remain in their original packaging;

However, we gladly accept your donations of gently used items such as clothing, winter apparel and blankets.

2023 Toiletry Drive

Join Olive Branch Mission in the fight to continue collecting and distributing an array of personal care items for all of our programs as a means for our clients to maintain their personal hygiene, health and dignity during their time of transition and pathway to independence.


2023 Food Drive

Help Olive Branch Mission "Fill the Mission Pantry." It seems that no sooner do we put food on the pantry shelves - then just a meal or two later it is all gone. It is hard to imagine that Olive Branch Mission prepares and serves 1160+ meals every day. The dining room at all of OBM locations are the busiest places in Chicago. From four breakfasts; three lunches; to multiple dinner times serving the largest numbers of homeless people who arrive in the evening for shelter.         


2023 Back-2- School Drive

Join Olive Branch Mission in equipping our residents and children in the Englewood community with school supplies and uniforms for the upcoming school year. 


2023 Holiday Toy Drive

Join Olive Branch Mission in our annual holiday toy drive by helping us give hope and the gift of a magical Christmas experience to the boys and girls that will be residing in our homeless shelters across the city of Chicago.


2023 Winter Wonderland Drive

Help Olive Branch Mission keep our residents warm in these cold Chicago seasons by providing warm articles of clothing and apparel. 


2023 Lunchbox Challenge

Challenge your co-workers and friends to bring their own lunches to work for a period of time and donate the money they save to Olive Branch Mission!                                                                                                                      

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