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Your Support,Your Impact

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  • Olive Branch Mission is the oldest continually-operating community-based human service organization in Chicago 

  • Olive Branch Mission has been serving the City of Chicago for 151 years 

  • Olive Branch Mission has a nationwide donor base

  • Olive Branch Mission operates on a 24/7 schedule



  • 1500 clients served (550 children 18 and under)

  • Race/Ethnicity – Black/AA 91%, White 7%, Other 2%

  • Gender – Male 53.2%, Female 46.8%

  • Over 156,000 nights of shelter

  • 350,000 meals served

  • Over 2000 bus cards provided

  • Over 200 families placed in permanent housing

  • Over 1700 referrals for job training programs

  • Over 750 referrals to Health/Mental Health service providers

  • Over 500 referrals for Alcohol/Drug treatment recovery programs

  • Nearly 400 referrals for educational suppo



Our Doors Open On "Welcome" Hinges


Olive Branch Mission is not in the business of simply giving handouts, glorifying, managing or maintaining human tragedy and poverty, but rather, this great Mission stands firm against enhancing dependency. 

We are in the business of human development, providing opportunity for recovery, restoration, reinstatement and re-entry unto a productive life. Olive Branch Mission remains a place where lost, injured, broken and desperate lives can freely, safely and unconditionally receive help, love and care! 

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