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International Centre for training & Research



Olive Branch Mission

ICTR - Suite 401

6310 S. Claremont Ave.

Chicago, Illinois  60636


Tel: 773.476.6200

Fax: 773.498.8520

For More Information

Please Contact:

Katrina Coleman


Chicago Campus for Urban Studies

West Englewood Communities​

South Side Chicago, Illinois​

Email: ​

Olive Branch Mission under its "International Centre for Training and Research" (ICTR) has opened two remarkable campuses that will provide contextualized cross-cultural and research opportunities, dynamic internship placements and unique real-time experiential training for college/university and seminary/graduate-level students from across the United States and Europe. One campus (the Chicago Campus for Urban Studies/CCUS) is located on the fourth floor of the Olive Branch Mission in Chicago. The other campus (the Maasai Campus for Research Studies/MCRS) is located in the context of the "Sidai Oleng" Wildlife Sanctuary and Land Conservancy on the steppes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya, East Africa.​


The Chicago Campus - CCUS (located on the top floor of the primary mission facility - formerly an Augustinian Monastery) will now offer dorm accommodation for 28, beautiful lounges and common spaces, Wifi internet access, student laundries, and coffee/brunch station.  Semester classes and internship opportunities are readily available over many different academic disciplines either within the context of the mission itself or through a network of agencies across many diverse neighborhoods in the Chicago land area.​


The Maasai Campus - MCRS offers beautiful cabin accommodation for 15 students,  indoor and outdoor classrooms, a beautiful lodge/dining facility, solar powered electricity, and much more. The wildlife is extraordinary as the campus location is in the context/ecosystem of the migration corridor between the Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks of Kenya. Near Kimana town, access to markets and coffee shop and local amenities is readily available.  Cultural studies related to the Maasai people, environmental and ecology studies, wildlife conflict and management studies, cross-cultural ministry experience, Swahili language classes, and so many other remarkable opportunities are available.

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