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This program is currently unavailable:


Olive Branch Mission under its "International Centre for Training and Research" (ICTR) has opened two remarkable campuses that will provide contextualized cross-cultural and research opportunities, dynamic internship placements and unique real-time experiential training for college/university and seminary/graduate-level students from across the United States and Europe. The Chicago Campus for Urban Studies/CCUS is located on the fourth floor of the Olive Branch Mission in Chicago.


The Chicago Campus - CCUS (located on the top floor of the primary mission facility - formerly an Augustinian Monastery) offers dorm accommodation for 28, beautiful lounges and common spaces, Wifi internet access, student laundries, and coffee/brunch station.  Semester classes and internship opportunities are readily available over many different academic disciplines either within the context of the mission itself or through a network of agencies across many diverse neighborhoods in the Chicago land area.​

Olive Branch Mission

ICTR - Suite 401

6310 S. Claremont Ave.

Chicago, Illinois  60636


Tel: 773.476.6200

Fax: 773.467.0222

For More Information

Please Contact:

Katrina Coleman


Chicago Campus for Urban Studies

West Englewood Communities​

South Side Chicago, Illinois​

Email: ​

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